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Day 3 - Farmers Feed Cities!
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Day 3

Thursday, August 10

Distance71 km
Maximum Velocity40.2 km/h
DestinationRivière-du-Loup (hostel)
Nightly Fee $24

Track of the Day J'ai de la chance
René Lussier

After such a good day yesterday with that amazing 122 km, today started much, much fouler. On the 5 km road from the campsite to the highway it started to rain on me and then my trailer promptly fell apart. Nothing was damaged, but it seems that the one screw holding the hitch on works its way loose as I ride... huh... how about that. I heard the metal pieces clang on the pavement and stopped right away and fixed it, only to carry on to the highway and find it closed. There was a detour route... but it was significantly out of the way, and with no shoulder most of the time. Even when I got back onto the 132, the shoulder was only there intermittently. But eventually the weather cleared up and the views were pretty.

After arriving in Rivière-du-Loup, again after dark, I was hungry-hungry and felt like I deserved a treat, so I went to La Cage Aux Sports and had greasy potato skins, a double bacon cheeseburger and a couple pints of beer. I could feel the food go "thunk" as it fell into my empty stomache... which was happy to receive it, but the rest of my digestive tract was considerably less thrilled.
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