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Day 15 - Camp Kiwanis
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Day 15

Tuesday, August 22

Distance51 km (+2)
Maximum Velocity46.0 km/h
DestinationSaint John
Nightly Fee $18

Track of the Day Young Man's Blues
Mose Allison

Apart from waking up with sharp bowel pains in the morning, it was a lovely one. The sun was out, it was calm, and I was up by 9. It was noon or so by the time I was on the road again, but I did take the opportunity to charge up my laptop batteries, cellphone, and dry out everything that got wet the day before. The campground was not that great for $28, but at least I could find electricity, water and a toilet close by.

The road to Saint John was not that long, but again my speedometer was wonky, and it started out with some bigass hills. I did encounter a couple of locals, another cyclist, and another Mike who came out to check his mail and invited me in for a rest and some snacks. Both were super friendly and it was nice to chat for a while. Mike was a tradesman and he even knew where Pineridge was! Props.

I also got pretty good directions from the locals and didn't need to stop at an official information booth for directions to the campsite I stayed at (the huge municipal park of Rockwood). I did stop for fish + chips + a pint at a local pub and again chatted with a well-travelled old man (well... not that old... I think he said he was born in 46 or something).

My trailer fell apart again somewhere along the way to the campground. I didn't hear the screw hit the ground this time, it never did fall, but I noticed it handling funny. When I got the campground, I realized that was because it had popped and was staying together very precariously. Had I lost that screw and the washer it could have been a disaster, but luckily it was quite easy to fix, and I lubed it up while I was at it. In fact this was the first time I removed the trailer from my bike since I left Québec City.

I tried to hijack power from another vacant site, but then a thunderstorm rolled in and I had to be up early-early the next morning, so that was short lived.
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