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Day 14 - New Brunswick Legislature
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Day 14

Monday, August 21

Distance 88 km (+4)
Maximum Velocity43.3 km/h
Destination Oak Point
Nightly Fee $28

Track of the Day Drove The Coquihalla

Well, despite the fact that it the forecast called for rain all day, and in fact it looked like a crappy day to be riding... but there's a long way to go yet and after two days of no riding it was necessary to post some kilometers for the day. A lot in fact, since there was a big gap between campsites from about the 50km mark until about 90km or so. Despite my best efforts I couldn't pack up and leave the hostel before 10:30.

I was also frustrated by my speedometer which after being left outside in the rain for a couple days had probably gottem some moisture inside the line or something because it was cutting out for large sections of the route. I've actually started to think in terms of distance... more so than time. Having my speedo cut out was like having a watch that only works some of the time. I felt disoriented and lost, I was guessing at distances anyway since the signage was scarce, but without even knowing how far I'd come I just had no idea how much distance had elapsed or how much longer was left to go.

After many kilometers from Fredericton along a road with little or no shoulder (but without much traffic either... though it was a truck route), plenty of hills, headwind, and light rain, I parted ways from the route Andrew took to Halifax, and carried on southwards to Oak Point and an overpriced campground.
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