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Day 2 - Up The Gaspésie Peninsula
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Day 2

Wednesday, August 9

Distance122 km
Maximum Velocity48.2 km/h
Motorcycles with Trailers Seen5
DestinationRivière Ouelle
Nightly Fee $15

Track of the Day Always Keep An Edge On Your Knife
Corb Lund Band

This was a serious riding day. I was disappointed with myself after only riding 24 km the previous day, and with leaving as late as I did in the month, so I got an early start (relatively) and with a strong tailwind and a paved shoulder most of the way (even some dedicated, paved bike paths) I made good time, even though I stopped to eat like 5 meals during the day. I did arrive at my campsite quite late, after dark, but I was near a powered site with water that no one was using so I could hijack that in the morning and there was even wifi on the grounds (albeit flakey wifi that I had to pay for).
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