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Day 1 - Leaving Stacey's Apartment in Montreal Forever
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Day 1

Tuesday, August 8

Distance24 km (plus 360 by bus and 2 or 3 by ferry)
Maximum Velocity36.9 km/h
Destination(just après) Beaumont
Nightly Fee$20

Track of the Day The Hobo Song
Johnny Cash

And so it begins: à Halifax via velo.

Why Halifax?

Well, I want to travel. Montreal was home for a while, but I've had what I wanted from it. After four years there, I feel trapped, I feel it's time for me to move on... but that I can't. And so I hatched this plan as a way out. An escape from obligation. I want to live the hobo dream... I'll take everything I need and carry it along with me, and I'll travel. I'll travel just the way I want, without schedules (almost), without fossil fuels (nearly), independent, free.

I've never been to Nova Scotia either. I've driven across New Brunswick to PEI once, but I'm looking forward to seeing far more of the maritimes by touring across them on a bike. I hope to bond with this part of Canada, to experience the atlantic culture and integrate it into my own Canadian identity. I want to feel connected to this vast nation, to all parts of it.

I also have aspirations of doing this same sort of thing in more far-off places... like New Zealand next year, or France... someday. I figured that some experience in my own country would better prepare me for dealing with a whole different culture at the same time.

And so, with June 30th as the last day of my lease in Montreal, I've found a way. My work situation is pretty much on hiatus for the summer, as it should be. A new apartment for all of my material posessions has been acquired in Ottawa for August. All the necessary gear has been collected, including the key addition of one amazing second hand bicycle trailer, a solar panel to go with the pile of electronics I'm bringing.

I've even done some practice runs to Ottawa and back, from Montreal. After three days each way and 10 days of spectacular BluesFest, I know what I can expect on an expedition of this scale. Lessons have been learned, operations streamlined, and I feel prepared for the road ahead.

Today is Tuesday, August 8th, and I begin my trip by boarding a bus for Quebec City. I will need to be back to Montreal by September 2nd for a wedding, and so I decided to skip the road between Montreal and Quebec City, save the three or four days travel, and start in Quebec City. I've done that ride before anyway. Maybe some day I'll complete the route from Victoria to Ottawa, and so have travelled the entire country from coast to coast, via velo.

The bus arrives in another hour or so, around 5pm. From there my trip really begins. Well, first I take a ferry across the St Lawrence (la fleuve) into Lévis. Then I start riding for real. I don't know where I will stay tonight, or any of my nights in fact. There are a few hostels along the way, I hope to find some nice campsites conveniently located for me, but I am also prepared to pitch my tent wherever I can get away with it -- I am entirely self sufficient after all.

I expect to reach Halifax in a couple of weeks or so. By the 25th would be nice, but I have no basis for believing that's how long it will take me. That date would allow me some time to explore Halifax before I need to take a train back though, so I hope it's doable.

Well, that's my plan, that will be my trip.

Yours truly,

Uncle Travelling Mike.
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